S.A.Z UNIVERSAL LINKS, a human resource organization comprises a team of highly qualified personnel. The team makes professionalism its forte. This professionalism constitutes all its policies on the basis of moral codes. And it keeps its eyes on the changes that take place time to time in the field. And it also has a firm belief in the service of mankind. We are the coordinator between the Employer and the Employee. So, we undertake the responsibility on both the ends. We have been operating in the field for almost two decades. The span of time, first of all, speaks for our integrity and service in the domain of manpower placement bureaus. Secondly, our long relationship with old clients in trustworthy terms even today, pronounces our professionalism. Thirdly, increasing number of our valued multinational clients and expansion in the list of job categories that we look professionals for, both spell out our worth and determination.


No business or transaction is possible without an ever-lasting broader vision. With new vistas being opened to construct and reconstruct the newly emerged nations it is essential to take care of the changes and challenges likely to occur. Day to day progress in trade, business and industry and cultural-oriented pursuits we are compelled to have a clear vision to keep pace with the fast moving wheel of time.
We have organized our services in the light of this vision. We know, no venture is successful without future consciousness. We have based our vision on the grass-root realities of the Present and also the requirements of the Future.
Human resources and time management go side by side. We realize that our vision should be apt to all such human conditions, irrespective of regional or geographical differences. Integrity is an inevitable part of our vision.


  • Satisfaction of our clients through commitment, honesty and result oriented efforts.
  • Focus on economic benefits pertaining to the interest of both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.
  • To assure the highest level of performance.
  • To increase standard of business since it ultimately paves the way for the standard of living as such.
  • To utilize foreign exchange for the benefit of manpower, business schemes as well as national economic stability and progress.